Karagounis Konstantinos

Konstantinos Charil. Karagounis

Born in Volos in 1965. He taught Byzantine music in Volos, Thessaloniki and Athens with professors Ioannis Sxoris, Manolis Hatzimarkos, Charilaos Taliadoros, Chrysanthos Theodosopoulos, Spyridon Peristeris, Gregorios Stathis and others.

He is diploma holder since 1996. Since 1982 was cantor in many churches in region of Volos (John Baptist’s church in Anakasia, Peter and Paul Church in Nea Ionia, Transfiguration church in Stefanovikio etc.) and for many years was a member of the choir “Maistores of Chanting Art” of Gregorios Stathis. Holder degree of Faculty of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1987) and Ph.D of Byzantine Musicology of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2000 ).

His dissertation with subject “Tradition and interpretation of the cherubic hymn of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine composer” was published by Institute of Byzantine Musicology (serial No. 7). From 1998 worked in secondary education and for five years was Manager of Cultural Affairs of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Magnesia. Since 2010 he is Assistant Professor at the Higher Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens with cognitive field “Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music”. For a long time he has been Member of the Board of Institute of Byzantine Musicology of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, member of Volos’ Chanters Association and for two years member of Greek chanters Federation. Apart from his involvement with church music, was active in the field of traditional music teaching and playing kanun and founding the Association “E.D.R.A.M.E. – Panagiotis Acheilas” in Volos in 1992.

(English Translation: Konstantinos Saitis)


Detailed Curriculum Vitae


Constantinos Karagounis, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music of the Supreme Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens, was born in Anakasia Volos on July 8, 1965 to Charilaos and Helen Karagounis. He completed general studies at the Ecclesiastical High School of Volos. In 1983 he entered the Theological School of Aristotle University, graduating in 1987.

He learned Eccl. Music from Protopsaltes Joannis Schoris (School of Byzantine Music, Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, Volos), Chrysanthos Theodosopoulos and Harilaos Taliadoros (School of Byzantine Music, Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki), Spyridon Peristeris and Lazarus Kouzinopoulos (Conservatory of Athens), Emmanuel Hatzimarkos (Municipal Conservatory of Volos) and Periklis Mavroudis (Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki). He was a member of the choir of chanters “The Maistores of Psaltic Art”, directed by Grigorios Stathis. He was taught Greek Traditional and Arabic-persian Music, and the musical instrument Canonaki (Qanun) by the Asia Minor musician Panagiotis Achilas (Volos), Petros Tampouris and Anies Agopian.

In 2000 he was proclaimed Doctor of Byzantine Musicology of the Faculty of the University of Athens under the supervision of Professor Gr. Th. Stathis. In his doctoral dissertation “The Tradition and Notational ‘Exegesis’ of the Melody of the Cherubic Hymn in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Composition”, he collected about 1000 Byzantine and post-Byzantine musical setting, of the Cherubic Hymn, works of approximately 180 composers and he proposed a method for the morphological analysis of the Byzantine Melodies. He also offered a way of distinguishing the melodic “theseis” of the Papadic Genre and interpreting the “theseis” in the New Method of Analytical Notation.

In 1998 he was appointed as a teacher of Theology, and from 1998 to 2006 he served as a special teacher of Eccl. Music at the Musical High School of Volos. He collaborated with the Department of Music Studies of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2004-2006), teaching the courses “Byzantine Music Theory and Practice I-II”. From 2006-2011 he served as Head of Cultural Affairs of Secondary Education in Magnesia.

In July 2010 he was unanimously elected Assistant Professor of Byzantine Eccl. Music of the Supreme Eccl. Academy of Athens, where he was appointed 19 February 2013.

In August 2013, with the contribution of significant and known musicologists people, he has founded the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies. Now, he is the Director of this Departement and has already developed an a large amount of scientific activity (e. g. he has taken part in many scientific conferences, has curated several publications and also has organized a lot of conferences, workshops and other training activities).

He has published a number of works and has participated in many international academic conferences in Greece and abroad. His general interests focus on the history, codicology, palaeography and theory of chanting, and he specifically deals with the recording of the chanting tradition of Magnesia, the teaching of Eccl. Music, and the theology and literature of the psaltic art.

In 1992 he founded the “Pan. Acheilas Association for Research, Preservation, and Radical Restoration of the Music of the Greeks”, of which he served as president, and manager of the School of Greek Music, Choir, and the Orchestra of Traditional Music, as well as directing the choir of chanters. He is a founder, director, and teacher of many schools of Traditional Greek / Byzantine Music and Traditional Musical Instruments.

He has served for 32 years as a chanter and choirmaster at various churches in the Holy Metropolises of Demetrias and Larissa. He has been elected to four terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Chanters’ Union of Volos, and in 2010 was elected General Secretary of the Federation of Chanters’ Unions in Greece. Finally, he has served five terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Byzantine Musicology.