Economic Issues for the 2nd IMIC



2nd International Musicological and Interdisciplinary Conference

of the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology

of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies


June 9 – 11, 2016

Thessaly Conference Centre – Melissiatika, Volos, Greece


“Ἀπὸ Χοροῦ καὶ Ὁμοθυμαδόν

(=all together and in the same mood)

Proceedings and perspectives of the Interdisciplinary research on Psaltiki



The participation fee for the 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference covers mainly costs of accommodation and boarding. In case that any participant does not wish to use these facilities, he can address the Organizing Committee in order to pay a reduced fee. There are the following variants:


      1. Pariticipation fee (full) including accommodation in two-bed room and full boarding: 120,00 Ε.
      2. Pariticipation fee (full) including accommodation in single-bed room and full boarding:  140,00 Ε.
      3. Partcipation fee without accommodation:  80,00 Ε.
      4. Participation fee including accommodation (two bed room) but not boarding:  80,00 Ε.
      5. Participation fee including accommodation (single bed room) but not boarding:  100,00 Ε.
      6. Participation fee without accommodation and without boarding:  40,00 Ε.
      7. Participation through Skype, including the costs of sending the Conference folder by post:  40,00 Ε.


We kindly ask you to:

– Money transfer can be done by deposit to our bank account, which will be send to you by e-mail.

– After transferring the money, please make clear which of the available accommodation/boarding plans fits you. Please mention the Latin numbers used above (i, ii, iv, viii etc)

–  If you wish to order printed volumes of the Proceedings (of the 2014 Conference or of the forthcoming 2016 one), in case you send all money in one transfer, please make clear a) the sum concerning the volumes of the Proceedings, b) for which year Proceedings you are interested and c) the number of copies. ANYWAY, IT WOULD BE MUCH EASIER FOR US IF THE MONEY FOR THE PROCEEDINGS VOLUMES ARE SENT IN A SEPARATE TRANSFER.


Regarding the printed Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the 2nd Conference (2016) will be officially published digitally on the web (with ISBN code), as it has been done already with the 1st Conference (2014). (see Specifications for the formatting of the texts for publication will be announced soon.

Printed Proceedings of the 1st Conference (2014) are available for 25,00 E (digital colour print) or 20,00 E(digital b/w print), plus the postal costs, if needed. It is expected that the prices will be the same for the Proceedings of the 2nd (current) Conference, and copies can be pre-ordered.