2018.05.30, 3rd International Musicological and Psaltic Conference on Psaltic Art



3rd International Musicological and Psaltic Conference on Psaltic Art

of the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies

«…ἐν ἐπιγνώσει ὑμνοῦντας Σε…»

(=chanting consciously in praise to Thee)

Prerequisites and Skills for Sacred Chanting in Orthodox Worship

Wednesday, May 30 (evening) – Saturday, June 2 (afteroon), 2018

Thessaly Conference Center – Melissiatika, Volos, Greece




The Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies is happy to announce its 3rd International Musicological and Psaltic Conference on Psaltic Art, under the title «…ἐν ἐπιγνώσει ὑμνοῦντας Σε…» (=chanting consciously in praise to Thee): Prerequisites and Skills for Sacred Chanting in Orthodox Worship.

The topic of the Conference was chosen according to Department’s principle that its meetings must have an interdisciplinary approach, open to all possible scientific and artistic approaches to the study of Psaltiki, i.e. the art of Orthodox chanting, in order to give birth to productive reflection, innovative ideas and fruitful collaborations among scientists of the same or differnet disciplines, who are interested to include the chanting art of the Byzantine tradition, of older or newer times, in their research interests.

Given the approach above, the term “prerequisites” can and must be understood in the broadest possible way, thus highlighting the interdisciplinary character of the Conference. In this frame, the “prerequisites” can have a theological orientation (e.g. dogmatic or moral), liturgical (e.g. ceremonial, concerning the Typicon), philological (concerning the language of the hymnography), vocal (in terms of technique), theoretical (regarding the knowledge of the theory, the notation, the rhythm etc), aesthetical and in general artistic, and in the last years, musicological as well.

But beyond the prerequisites for the better performance of the sacred chanting, always there must be a research and examination of broader possible skills, which can contribute to the training of the bearers of the art of Psaltiki, and thus to the more essential interaction of the chanting during the holy worship. In this way, further knowledge of music (folk or traditional, West-European, secular or of any other kind) as well as virtuosity in musical instruments, studies of musicology (e.g. musical palaeography, history of music etc), education in pedagogics, psychology, sociology and social anthropology, history and even in positive sciences (physics, mathematics, medicine, comuter science etc) can as well act as tools for the research and improvement of the art of sacerd chanting, and also can borrow from the art of chanting tools for broadening and supporting of their own activities.

The Conference will take place in the Conference Center of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, in Melissiatika, Volos, Greece, between May 30th (official opening in the evening) and June 2nd (official closing in the afternoon), 2018. Exact times will be announced after the selection of papers.

The official opening of the Conference will be devoted to the composing and researching work of the “Archon Mousicodidaskalos (Leading Music Theacher) of the Great Church of Christ”, Protopsaltis Kyriazis (Zachos) Nikoleris.

Proposals for contribution in the Conference must be preferably submitted to the Organizing Committee, to the e-mail address tomeaspsaltikis@gmail.com , not later than Friday, February 2nd, 2018. Proposals must include title, abstract and CV of the speaker (all together not exceeding 500 words).

Selection of proposals will be announced by the Scientific Commitee of the Conference, not later than Friday, February 23nd, 2018.

The confirmation of participation, along with the payment of the participation fee, must be not later than Friday, March 30th, 2018.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference consists of the following professors

– Thomas Apostolopoulos, National and Kapodistiran University of Athens, president

Emmanouil Giannopoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Michail Stroumbakis, Supreme Patriarchical Ecclesiastical Academy of Crete,

Kosntantinos Ch. Karagounis, Supreme Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens – Department of Psaltic Art of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies.

Presentations of individual papers must not be longer than 20 minutes and will be followed by a short 10-minute discussion.

Official languages of the conference will be Greek and English. There will be NO translation. Speakers can provide a translation of their paper (or at least an extended summary) in English or Greek language, not later than May 20th, 2018 (in .doc form), in order to be disseminated to the intersted participants.

The Proceeding of the Conference will be published online in digital format, and for the text formatting there will be concrete instructions right after the selection.

Participation fee for the Conference is 45,00 € per person, including the Conference folder, coffees and a light buffet brunch in the breaks, transport to and from the Olympic Hostel to the Conference Center, entrance to all artistic activities that will accompany the Conference, as well as the publishing of the Conference Proceedings in digital form. It does NOT include the expense for printed proceedings, as well as expenses for transport for possible excursions that may take place in the days of the Conference.

For accommodation and meals, the Department of Psaltic Art has arranged the following options, which can be selected by any participant who wishes to make use of them.

Meals (dinner at May 30, lunches at May 31, June 1, June 2) (*)                                                                                                      50,00 € per person

Accommodation in single bed room in the Olympic Hostel (three nights, breakfast included)                                          90,00 € per person

Accommodation in double bed room in the Olympic Hostel (three nights, breakfast included)                                        60,00 € per person

Accommodation in three bed room in the Olympic Hostel (three nights, breakfast included)                                            45,00 € per person

We must make clear, that these offers can’t “break apart” for individual days, in case that somebody doesn’t want to stay for the complete Conference. (**)

We are also thinking, in the framework of the Conference, to organize one or two optional excursions in the surrounding region, of religious and scientific interest, with a minimal cost for the transport. Details will be announced along with the Conference program.

We look forward to see you in Volos. It will be our pleasure, to spend all the days of the Conference together.

We kindly ask you to disseminate this message to anyone possibly interested.


The Organizing Committee


(*)    Our planning is to have the lunch round 4 p.m., after the conlusion of the sessions of each day. This way, there is no provision for dinner. To support this late lunch, the coffee breaks will be accompanied by a light brunch buffet for all the participants.  Of course, this will become definite after the selection of the abstracts.

(**)  Details on the Conference, the Organizing Committee and the related activity can be found in the Department’s webpage www.tomeaspsaltikis.gr  (menu CONFERENCES)