Prolongation of the Conference Deadlines 2nd International Interdisciplinary Musicological Conference

Prolongation of the Conference Deadlines

2nd International Interdisciplinary Musicological Conference

of the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology

of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies

“Ἀπὸ Χοροῦ καὶ Ὁμοθυμαδόν

(=all together and in the same mood)

Proceedings and perspectives

of the Interdisciplinary research on Psaltiki



The Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Interdisciplinary Musicological Conference, announces a prolongation of the Conference deadlines.

Thus, the deadline for submitting of proposals (with the submission of abstracts and CV’s) is Monday, February 29, 2016. The proposals can be submitted to the addresses specified in the initial announcement (( or directly to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Konstantinos Karagounis, ( by e-mail. THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER PROLONGATION.

The acceptance of proposals will be announced not later than March 6th, 2016. The rest of the deadlines remain as in the initial announcement. The confirmation of participation, along with the payment of the participation fee, must be not later than March 30th, 2019. Presentations of individual papers must not be longer than 20 minutes and will be followed by a short 10-minute discussion. Papers must be presented either in Greek or English language. There will be NO translation. Speakers who choose the Greek language are kindly requested to submit an English translation of their paper as well (or at least an extended summary), not later than June 1st, 2016 (in .doc or .pdf. form), in order to be disseminated to the participants who don’t understand Greek. Alternatively, they may submit their suggestions with an English powerpoint file. Translations of English papers into the Greek language are also welcome. ( )

The Honorary Scientific Board of Trustees and the Conference Organizing Committe have been announced οn the respective pages of our website:


and ).

The Conference participation fee is fixed as 120 € per person, and it includes accommodation for two nights (in double bed rooms) in the Olympic Games Hostel of the Municipality of Volos, all meals starting with the dinner of June 9th and ending with the lunch of June 11th, movements to and from the Conference center, the hostel and the center of the city of Volos, the Conference folder, coffees and cookies for the breaks, and acceptance in all the musical activities that will accompany the Conference, as well as the publication of the Conference proceedings online (in pdf. form, as submitted by the participants). It does NOT include expenses for the case of printed publication of the Conference proceedings.

Regarding questions of accommodation. It is not obligatory for participants to stay in the Olympic Hostel, if they don’t wish to, neither to participate in the conference boarding. In this case, the Conference fee is subdued, as defined in the relative webpage ( ). Participants who don’t wish to make use of the accommodation and boarding facilities can communicate with the Organizing Committee about this.

Participants who wish to share their room with a concrete co-participant, must inform the Organizing Committee in time.

Due to the lack of space, we cannot promise single-bed rooms to all those who will ask for a single-bed room, neither the accommodation of accompanying people. Issues of accommodation in single-bed rooms and of accommodation of accompanying persons will be considered, if there is such a possibility, after March 30th, when the confirmation of Conference participants will have been completed. Of course, we can suggest economic solutions for accommodations in hotels of the city of Volos.

The participation fee for the 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference covers mainly costs of accommodation and boarding. In case that any participant does not wish to use these facilities, he can address the Organizing Committee in order to pay a reduced fee.

Regarding the printed Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the 2nd Conference (2016) will be officially published digitally on the web (with ISBN code), as it has been done already with the 1st Conference (2014). ). Specifications for the formatting of the texts for publication will be announced soon.

Printed Proceedings of the 1st Conference (2014) are available for 25,00 E (digital colour print) or 20,00 E(digital b/w print), plus the postal costs, if needed. It is expected that the prices will be the same for the Proceedings of the 2nd (current) Conference, and copies can be pre-ordered.